Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Jungle Songs

 Listen, earthen and hear the call, wikkity-tak-too.
Deep the jungle, the vines so long, the monkeys swing through.
Above, the birds; beneath, the ants; behind is yesterday.
Beyond, the beast; he waits for me, the weak the slow the prey.
Time to die.  

Awake, you vermin and hear the call, wikkity-tak-tay. 
Dark the dawn, the canopy hung low, the sunlight kept at bay. 
Beyond, the beast; tooth and claw, a mythic Bengal king.
Before him I wait, rifle in hand, ready for the spring.
Time to kill.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


God I loved this game. It certainly bares first and foremost an uncanny resemblance to Blade Runner but, really, the time spent playing Einhänder was pure ‘90s geek culture euphoria. Everything from the anime films of Neon Genesis Evangelion and Ghost in the Shell to techno-electro music and American cyberspace fantasies like Johnny Mnemonic and Hackers... all honed into a single, intense scroll shooter with sweet-ass 2.5D paneled graphics, liquid motion, superior detail and high-tech sound effects. Stepping away from the lameness of real life and reducing your existence to a single fighter craft where the sole purpose is to upgrade your gunpod and blow shit up makes for near spiritually liberating experience. Even the title and that start menu image of an X-rayed hand evokes a universe of strange cyberpunk wonders. As simple as the gameplay may be, I always got sucked into the future world of Einhänder, projecting onto my fighter craft its own unique personality and imagining myself between battles flying through the cityscape and all her endless stories. Good times.  

Greetings, from Sven-Ole Thorsen!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Commercial Jetliner Factories

I consider Jumbo jet hangars to be one of the most extraordinary places to experience – massive beyond comprehension. The Boeing Everett Factory in Washington is the largest building in on the planet and standing inside one of its hangars is overwhelming to the senses. It’s like being in the center of some super bright industrial galaxy with stacked platforms of gargantuan machinery and a vast network of multi-primary colored rafters, railings, walkways, work stations and paintlines. The sounds, too, are macrocosmic, echoing into an eternity said machinery, intercoms and electric powered vehicles. It’s like one part Bob the Builder’s play-world and the other part Death Star that’s been fully realized and expanded with Michael Crichton techno romance. 

Frazetta pic of the day

The Krupps Bagger 288

A German made super-excavator. The largest vehicle in the world, and perhaps mankind’s single greatest technological achievement (2nd only to the push-up bra). I want this. I want to drive it to work – to see the look on those assholes’ faces as I exercise my employee parking privileges. Seriously, if I owned one of these I would probably become a Bond villain by default. I would just ride around destroying everything. I’d fuck up Rhode Island just because I could probably do it in a day… and then I’d set my sights on Canada. No one could stop me.   


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ion Propulsion

Gorilla Suit Anthology

fat kid


I’ve long since hoped that within my lifetime mankind would make its way across the stars to our infamous, neighboring red planet. The way things are going (nowhere) now, such a possibility is fading fast. Once the latest Atlantis shuttle mission is complete NASA will have officially hung up its spurs. I’m all for the retirement of the Space Shuttle Program; an expensive, obsolete technology and overall outdated system. It served us well, taught us many valuable things. God bless. The problem, however, is that we have no phase-shift, no follow-through pursuit. There are no plans for a new and improved means of space travel, despite the numerous theories that have been floating around for the past decade. This is bullshit. I know times are tough, what with the economy and all, but still… 

Space exploration is not some luxury or recreational pastime. It is perhaps the very spear tip of human evolution in ways both direct and indirect. We should be well on our course in developing the first manned exploration of Mars and even the further touchdown, data probing of the moons of Jupiter and Saturn. Not all is lost – there’s always the private sector. Corporate space flight, though still in its embryo stage, is a maelstrom of exciting ideas and competing venture capitals. Competition is the key. It’s what put the first dog into space, the first man into space and the first man on the moon. So, who knows? For the time being I still find myself in awe of the very presence of Mars: it’s there! It’s real! The images below are not science fiction. What you see are true alien landscapes 36 to some 250 million miles away, but just beyond Man’s reach.