Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Total Recall promo trailer, '89

Hey, y’all! I know I seldom ever post here -- on my own blog, no less -- but that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about it entirely. It’s just that I, ya know, have a life and shit. Of course, the crazy part is that no one has ever even visited this blog, at least not to my knowledge; I’ve certainly yet to receive any comments. So, in other words, who the hell am I talking to? I mean, right now, at this very moment, with who am I networking? No one. Myself. That’s crazy pants.
Fuck it. Anyways...
I’ve always loved this promotional trailer for Total Recall, back when teasers actually teased the audience, instead of bombarding them with fast-cuts, money shots and, overall, way too much footage and story info. This trailer’s got it all: triangles, glowing stuff, late 80s computer graphics and Arnold floating in space.

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