Monday, August 26, 2013

Which Are You?

Presented before you are three separate options: Enhanced, Normal and Known Traveler. Such is a choosing of fundamental proportions.

He who deems himself Enhanced will face the world with the means (whatever they may be) greater than that of the average man, but will likewise be facing the expectations of said world, one that will challenge him accordingly. If he is in fact not Enhanced but merely chooses boastfully, ever harsher the reality he will face via crushing defeat. Or, perhaps, the self-confidence of choosing Enhanced without actually being so might nevertheless enhance such a man in the processes, all the same. Therefore, be careful not to choose in self-doubt.

He who deems himself Normal will disappear--disappear into the normality of the world, blending in with the rest, safely, comfortably. Yet, then again, such anonymity could be the very point; the perfect way to hide one’s ulterior motives. What if there is no Normal? What if every man who chooses Normal is anything but? All of them, tricksters, deceivers, agents of chaos. Imagine an army of Normal, an army behind white picket fences. Is Normal not the ultimate Weird?

He who deems himself Known Traveler must, by definition, be a man of identity. Or is he a man seeking identity? To presume the Known is to presume the Unknown. Does this gateway only accept those who have since solidified their existence to the world or does it also grant one such recognition? A metamorphosis: invisible into visible, ghost into living, not to be be. In any event, it is my guess that a Known Traveler never settles. He travels not merely to be known, but to be all-knowing.


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