Monday, February 17, 2014

Rite Aid Blu-rays

This morning I stopped at Rite Aid after getting off work from the graveyard shift. It’s a pharmacy chain, for those of you who live in Europe or Burma or wherever. I don’t know why I went there; at the time it just felt purposeful. I bought three sugar-free Red Bulls, some laundry detergent, one of those jumbo universal TV remotes (mostly for novelty) and two $5 dollar apiece Blu-rays, as listed:

You’ll notice that the Seattle Times refers to Aspen Extreme as "Top Gun of the Ski Sloples!" So, there’s that. As for Straight Talk ...I recently reacquainted myself with an old favorite duet of mine, 'Islands in the Stream' by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton. It’s really great. I was thinking about that song when I spied said Blu-ray. I figured, kismet. The last time I sat and watched either of these two feature films was at least some 20 years ago during one of those 4-day, unscrambled, HBO free previews. Remember those? Do they still do that? Anyways, that about sums up this blog entry.

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