Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Fire Truck Joke

Ever find yourself in an awkward situation where you're called upon to deliver a joke but have nothing ready on standby? I've got a solution for you: the Fire Truck joke. The Fire Truck joke is full-proof, easy to remember and, best of all, fucking free. No charges apply. It's also full-proof, and hard to forget. And it works. No one likes a jokeless asshole, and you don't wanna be disliked, do you? The Fire Truck joke is your fail-safe. How's it work? Simple. No elaborate setup, no smashing a watermelon with a giant hammer. Just fallow the three steps below and remember to give a slight pause on the punchline for optimal effect.
Ask me if I'm a fire truck.
Uh, okay. Are you a fire truck?
Then turn and walk away. The Fire Truck joke.  

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